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If you are concerned about how the Coronavirus can affect your business or place of work, then please read how we can help. 

In recent months we have become more anxious about the devastating global effects and potential UK outbreak of Coronavirus.  Each day we hear more disturbing news about how quickly the virus can spread and how it can affect each and every one of us.

It is well documented personnel hygiene and a clean workplace is a logical way to prevent the spread of this virus, providing your staff with adequate personnel protective equipment will be a major step forward. But what can you do to ensure that your workplace is kept in a clinically clean state? Part of your business contingency plan should include a systematic way to keep your workplace clean. This should include a fully comprehensive cleaning and decontamination process by competent individuals that are aware the controls that are required to undertake the work to a definitive standard.

No matter what type of workplace you operate - a school, hospital, office, retail, factory, airport - the results must remain the same, a consistent approach to sanitation will be essential to minimise the risk. The guidelines are clear, cleaning and disinfecting common areas will reduce the spread of this virus. This includes the full disposal of cleaning consumables such as mops, cloths, rags and brushes, reusable equipment must have a thorough decontamination process using chlorine and alcohol-based disinfectants that are used in segregated and controlled areas.

eBrit Services have the capacity to offer a fully comprehensive de-contamination service. Our core business is asbestos removal, where strict legislative controls are enforced to ensure the standard of work is kept to the highest levels. This could include the design and erection of containment and personal de-contamination areas. Due the nature of risk there are very few industries that command the same level of mandatory controls as asbestos removal; therefore, we are able to undertake and design a conclusive method of work in all environments to ensure your workplace remains clinically clean.

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