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The eBrit Process to Safe Asbestos Removal

The 10 Steps to Safe Asbestos Removal the eBrit way.

Has the building been subjected to a recent refurbishment & Demolition survey by a UKAS accredited consultant? 

If NO, develop a plan to undertake a RD Asbestos survey.

Review the Survey. Evaluate the locations that will be disturbed during demolition or refurbishment.

Prepare the Asbestos Removal Tender Specification. 

Use the asbestos RD survey to evaluate the initial cost and controls that are required. Plan site visits for the licensed contractors to evaluate costs, controls and risks.

  1. Evaluate all Tender Returns and Score 
  2. Experiences
  3. Financial performance of the licensed contractor tenure period of licence
  4. Previous history (HSE notices/actions)
  5. Implementation of controls 
  6. Plan the Asbestos Removal
Plan the Asbestos Removal

Provide full consultation with the licenced contractor and open communication with all parties including other contractors, building managers and CDM Coordinators. The licenced contractor will notify the work to the local HSE or EHO office... other considerations will include the shared facilities such as power, water and welfare... if this is not available then the licenced contractor must plan to provide this before start begins.

Working with a Licenced Contractor

The licenced contractor will erect enclosures with the objective of constructing a fully controlled environment where asbestos containing materials will be removed and disposed using safe transit routes and a sealed lockable container.

Monitoring of the Licenced Contractor
  • Plan of work/method statement - ASB5 Notification to HSE or EHO
  • Risk assessments - Contractors licence - Insurance certificate.
  • All site personnel records - Plant & equipment records - Company H&S policy statement
Independent Evaluation of the Work

On completion of the asbestos removal, the working environment will be subject to a strict 4 re-occupation inspection.This inspection will be provided by an independent consultant using air monitoring procedures that are subject to quality control by UKAS. 

Once all four stages are completed to the approved standard, the consultant will provide a certificate of re-occupation.

Hazardous Waste Control

When removing asbestos from an enclosure, the waste will be removed in a controlled process. This includes double bagging of the asbestos using UN approved packaging, then placing the waste inside a sealed lockable container or for smaller loads, this can be transported using an adapted vehicle to either a Licenced Hazardous Transfer Station of a licenced land fill site.

The waste will be subjected to an auditable trail using EA Hazardous waste consignment notes.

On completion of the asbestos removal, the licenced contractor must provide...

  1. Certificate of re-occupation (as per section 8)
  2. Copy of the hazardous waste consignment note
  3. Other air tests if carried out

Your Preferred Contractor for the Identification, Removal and Disposal of all Hazardous Materials.

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